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Citycoco Harley Scooter Review by Jan Michael Orias

Ebike brand: CityCoco

Model: Harley Scooter
Base Price: P 35k - 47k

Rated Power (W): 1000-2500
Rated Voltage (V): 60
Speed (Km/h): 40-55
Range (km): 60
Motor type: hub-type
Battery capacity/type: stock is LiFePo4, converted to lead acid-type
Charging Time: 4-6 hours
Break type: all-disc brakes
Max Loading (Kg): 250
Controller Type: brushless
Tires size/type: 225x55-8
Special features: wide tires and extremely low center of gravity

Performance (5 stars):★★★★★
It's more of a show stopper than performance oriented, yet  it will satisfy you in its own way.

Design (10 stars):★★★★★★★★★
I have parked beside some popular mopeds and motorcycles that are known for status symbols, yet I got all the attention because of its radical look.

Ride & Handling(6 stars):★★★★★★
This thing screams "tiis pogi" as the ground clearance is only a couple of inches. The handling is also challenging, you need to lean forward to where you want to turn as the center of gravity of this machine is quite low.

Comfort (8 stars):★★★★★★★
If it is just a long straight road that I will travel, I can ride on this for a day. Your position is almost the same as just sitting on a chair

Value for Money (8 stars):★★★★★★★★
This is quite subjective. If you are looking for a daily commute, you rather look for another type of e-scooter. This is typically a "Sunday or weekend whip" which does not deal with daily stress of driving/riding. This is rather a rewarding e-scoot that gives you a unique experience while riding on it.

Features (7 stars):★★★★★★★
The appearance almost speaks for what it has to offer. You will gain a numerous stare as most individuals will question how this thing run. The step board is quite small to accommodate what are the usual components of a two-wheeled vehicle. The relax position in driving is also a plus factor.

After sales service (4 stars):★★★★
For now, you need to know an e-bike repair shop that can service and provide some spare parts for this. Luckily, I knew someone, and he owns a couple of this type of e-scooter, as well as selling and customizing such model. Most likely, you will purchase some parts of this online, through shipping from other country... for now.

What are your thoughts on using an electric vehicle?
It is inevitable that ICEs will be replaced by electric vehicles. For more than 6 years of using an electric vehicle as my service for my work, when shopping, searching for a place, and doing some errands, e-scooters or e-vehicles in general are more convenient and economical in a long run. 

What are your expectations on electric vehicles in the future?
Definitely, electric vehicles in the near future have a long range and long-lasting battery charge. Top speed will improve as well as the hauling capacity. I'm thinking that aside from charging in charging stations, some e-vehicles will interchange their batteries so they can quickly continue their trip, mostly the passenger e-vehicles. Whilst for private e-vehicles, they have a privilege of just use the fast charging facilities and wait for a while. As their batteries are either hard to detach, or they just want to preserve its pristine condition.


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