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Romai Eagle GC Review by Raz Vee

Ebike brand: Romai
Model: Eagle GC
Base Price: P 36,000

Rated Power (W): 650W
Rated Voltage (V): 48V
Speed (Km/h): 39 km/h
Range (km): 40kms
Motor type: Brushless 48V 650W
Battery capacity/type: 48v/20ah SLA
Charging Time: 6-8 Hours
Break type: Front/Rear: Drum Brake
Max Loading (Kg): 100kg
Controller Type: SquareWave 48v 650w with Auto Cruise
Tires size/type: 10" Tubeless

Other features:

All Major parts like Controller and Hub Motor are Stock
Upgraded Accesories:
Headlights: RTD 40watts 6 Led MC Lights
ParkLights: Eagle Eye, Eyeline, LED Lights
Fog Assist Lamp: 20watts Pamila AutoVolt Wall-E Version 3
Signal Lights: LED
Underglow Lighs: Purple LED/ White LED Lights
Horn: 6ah Dual Car Horn
Grips: Ariete
Seat Cover: Customized Upholster DBS
SideMirror: Yamaha
Body: Repainted
Alarm System: 2-way MC Alarm with Immobilizer and Keyless Function

Performance (8 stars):★★★★★★★★
Tested on Knee High Floods, Hub never been opened.

Design (10 stars):★★★★★★★★★
Looks more like a Scooter type MC

Ride & Handling(10 stars):★★★★★★★★★★
Smooth Handling, Easy to ride in Tight corners, Easy to squeeze on heavy traffic

Comfort (10 stars):★★★★★★★★★
Comfort is 10 for me, especially when you are tthe back ride.

Value for Money (7 stars):★★★★★★★
Very Affordable, can be used for Service, Everyday Transport, MotoShow etc..

Features (7 stars):★★★★★★★

After sales service (1 stars):
Lack of Real Techs, They cannot fix minor problems.

Advantages and disadvantages you want to share:
Advantages: Fast Acceleration, Comfortable Riding Position, Easy to maneuver.
Disadvantages: Low Tourque: slow on some steep inclines, Limited Fairing and Lens aftermarket stocks.


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