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California Eco-bike Davis Review by Rey Mar

Ebike brand: California Eco-bike 
Model: Davis 
Base Price: P 25,800

Rated Power (W):800Watts
Rated Voltage (V): 60Volts
Speed (Km/h):35-43 Km/h depending on the terrain
Range (km):47
Motor type (V/W):60v/800w brushless
Battery capacity/type (V/AH): 40v/20Ah
Charging Time (hrs):6hrs
Break type: drum brakes
Max Loading (Kg): 150kg
Controller Type (V/W): 60v/800w
Tires size/type:10x3

Performance (7 stars):★★★★★★★
A fun e-scooter to drive performance wise, it has ample stopping power rough terrain is an absolute easy task. At first I was a bit giddy with how the acceleration handle works, due to the swift response just a flip and you better hold on to that handle bar or else. And the way i zipps through traffic, as if i never thought a 35km/h ebike could out maneuver any regular HONDA xrm or even a Yamaha Mio on tight traffic. I had to confess i was sold on the thinking that ebikes would be slow compared to motorcycles, but this Davis proved them wrong on the acceleration, of course after reaching 32km/h the motorbikes would catch up 😄

Design (8 stars):★★★★★★★★
The design is way scooter looking like MIO rather than an e scooter... as i stress it out escooter not an ebike... no pedals just pure fun. a lot of MC owners look at it think WTF no muffler on the side? When i first got it april 2014 i was a bit uneasy on how motorcycles stre at my escooter esp not many havent seen one that doesnt look like the regular ebike with pedals that moms usually use to bring their kids to school. if not for the 10 inch tires. it would have been a DIO looking like a MIO (hahaha). i like the styling although i wasnt a fan of too much stickers.

Ride & Handling(7 stars):★★★★★★★
Great ride and hanlding on or off road. with the lower placement of batteries handling is far better

Comfort (7 stars):★★★★★★★
For a 5 6' person, my knee always touches the protection shield esp when it rains so im ok with it. the handle bars seemed wider which i shortened it. the rear shocks needed and inch lift so as not to skid the tires onto the battery compartment.

Value for Money (8 stars):★★★★★★★★
Here's where the Davis outshines the rest 800watt 60v category... the Price most if not all are in the 30k mark which gives it a good value escooter in the market. although my batterires lasted almost 1 year but with the constant abuse of long range driving angd pluggging it in for 6hours non-stop (i had a grave yard shift and i had to sleep during the day) the battery dead early 🙂, the 2nd batch was a chillwee battery set which was the cheapest at that time php1600 per battery times 5. that lasted almost 3 years. and now im on my 3rd set which i constantly monitor to prevent it from being over charged.

Features (7 stars):★★★★★★★
It has the basic features found in any ebike like headlights drum brakes turn signal makers, horn and odometer with battery level indicators.

After sales service (8 stars):★★★★★★★★
I was impressed with the service with cdrking even if i had to travel about 18kms. both the service tech and the store in charge where a great help with missing screws i needed.

Advantages and disadvantages you want to share:
The batteries where not the best but it was also my fault charging it sometimes forgetting to remove the plug once it was fully charged it was a traffic mover, you can fit thru spaces motorcycles can't fit. sustaining a speed seemed a task. especially upwards on a hill.


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